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About Us

Malaysia has an abundance of musical and performing arts talent, however, locating venues to perform has proven to be unnecessarily cumbersome and difficult. Buddey is a platform that facilitates arts and culture talents to gain invaluable experience and potential side income with street performance. We empower all Talents to easily find and rent performing arts spaces using Buddey Talent platform which is available on mobile and web based. We hope that our efforts in providing this platform will contribute to promoting, encouraging and developing musical talent in Malaysia.

Users can now find and book spaces for busking with freedom to choose venues and time which suits their street performances.

Trusted Partners

Trusted by over 40+ venue partners and 1000+ talents.

Find and book a place for street performance, fast, easy and safe. You are in control of your own busking activity plan, find your Buddey Buskers Pods, set your own schedule, go busking and make additional income.

Revenue Stream

Monetize small and easily manageable areas for busking, thereby maximizing the utility of otherwise underused spaces.


Hassle-free arrangement that requires minimal management, eliminating the need for additional manpower to oversee bookings and scheduling.

Growing Talent Pool

Over 1434 talents actively seeking performance spaces, enriching your venue environment with live entertainment.

Trusted Partnerships

Joining our network of 40 venue partners and multiple busking locations, a proven turnkey solution to benefit from underutilized spaces

Contact Us

Doesn't matter if you are a Talent who seek for help or you are having a great spot for buskers and wish to collaborate with us, feel free to contact us. We will be replying to your enquiries as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buddey is a platform for local talents to find a place for street performances or busking. Talents can download our mobile application Buddey Talent and find a space which are known as the Buddey Buskers Pod. Our vision is to create a place where anyone can access easily and safe to showcase performing arts to the world.

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Sign up as a talent on our platform to access and use the buskers pod.

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